As a member of IDU I required representation regarding a re-deployment situation within my organisation. Abi Sesay was appointed to my case. I found her approach professional, personable and very knowledgeable around this subject. This instantly put me at ease during what was a stressful time for me. Abi was extremely diligent and meticulous when it came to strategizing our plan of action. She was able to predict patterns of response and prepare me for alternative outcomes in order to avoid unemployment.Due to Abi’s level of involvement throughout this process the final decision led to the best case scenario for me. I am extremely grateful to Abi for her support and would highly recommend her expertise to any of my professional colleagues experiencing difficulties at work.

Simon Atkinson

I am writing to show my appreciation for the good work you did during my recent disciplinary hearing with my employer Mayfair home care. It all started from the first call I made to IDU office. My fears ,stress and anxiety felt better after meeting you for the first time. I was impressed with your professionalism and how you dealt with the case throughout.

Noreen Tibson

Abi was highly compassionate, attentive and helpful to me following the allegation made against me. Abi was very quick to respond to my email/text inquiries and provided multiple options of concrete advice. Everything was done in a swift and timely manner. I would definitely recommend IDU to my fellow colleagues and others.

George Gyamfi

I couldn’t be more grateful to Abi for her exemplary dedication towards work and most importantly to a member of IDU who she hadn’t even met. I work as a sister in the NHS in London. Two days before New Year, I was suspended from work ( I will not give any more details as this case is still ongoing).

Anyways, I was so stressed as I’ve never imagined myself having this kind of problem, very demoralising especially as I am seeking a higher position. Abi was there all throughout, calming and reassuring me that everything will be fine. Abi phoned me to check how I was on New Year’s Day!

I never expect such caring and compassionate act from a stranger. She answered my call even in the late hours! Abi made it sure that we will do the right thing to win this battle. I still haven’t met Abi, but her attitude speaks of how wonderful and beautiful she is I can’t wait to see her, to kiss and hug her.

Yes, she is not only my friend now but my sister who is always there to lift me up

Alma Ocampo

I would like to feedback about Abi Sesay one of IDU representative who assisted me as a family member of IDU and she was very helpful and friendly union representative in my complex case last year. Abi one of the best representative in our IDU team and she has excellent representative skills and initiative are very good also, she is driven and motivated in her work . She does what is necessary to make the member happy and are willing to work extra if things are behind.I understood that, she has an excellent knowledge and expert idea to handle all complex work related issues. She is very professional and focused on her work . She maintain a positive attitude and Her respond to problems without getting angry and frustrated. However, I love my family IDU and they are always helpful .
One of your member-

Shaikh Manna ( The Royal London Hospital )

In 2016 I was suspended from work from a big superstore (name withheld) and on the verge of being sacked for a breach of company policy which was completely wrong, because what happened was approved by a line manager who was not aware of that company policy either. I contacted IDU for help and was assigned to Tracy Salisbury to handle my case. Tracy immediately identified the flaw in the case against me and took the company to task. The company tried to raise other issues to justify their stand and even tried to hold back my bonus payment, which Tracy fought back. In the end the company had to accept they were in the wrong and gave me my job back. Without Tracy’s involvement I would have been bullied out of the job to ‘save the line manager’s face’ for not knowing and following the company’s policy.

Gina (A very satisfied IDU member)

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support when I needed it most. I was to face a disciplinary action for being accused of something I had not done at my work place. All through the whole ordeal which was very stressful, and emotionally draining you stood by me, you made me feel valued, relaxed and strong. When they called us for the first meeting, the team came unprepared and I was really impressed by the way you dealt with the whole issue. What they were prepared for was to come read out to us whatever they had prepared and then send me for a disciplinary action; for something that I had nothing to do with, but you made them know that things did not work that way. They had not brought with them a lot of very useful important information needed for the meeting. The room they put us for the meeting was very small not even a table to put our paper work on was visible. You firmly put to them that the meeting could not take place on that day without all the information needed, and asked them to find another day and date; you reminded them to prepare all the information missing and send them to us before the next meeting. I went home a very happy person and knew that I was in safe hands. Within a few days, a folder filled with all the information we needed was sent to us, we were able to go through it and you prepared me for the meeting. The meeting went so well, there was no disciplinary action taken against me and I was even asked to choose which ward I wanted to work, I have introduced about 5 people to IDU now and I will continue bringing more. I am so proud to be an IDU member, this is because of your professionalism Tracy, and again; I THANK YOU.

Agnes Muchoki

Would like to thank you for your support, during my time of my disciplinary. You were passionate about my case and I’m very happy you help me get back my job.

My experience with IDU was exceedingly positive. My Representative Tracy was very attentative and through. She was rather supportive and non judgmental. She is a good listener who ensure that I was involved in the decision making process and prompt in her respond whenever I had any queries. She ensured that the outcome was positive and in my favour as she fought my corner. I highly recommend IDU and I have done just that to friends and family.


I wanted to say a big thank you for your support last year when I had few challenges at work. Your professionalism and the way you took details and dealt with the matter was extremely amazing. I am extremely glad I was referred to you and your support through out the situation was amazing beyond words.

Kelvin Owolabi

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you very much to Abi. I had a challenging case with a colleague which culminated to a disciplinary procedure. Abi was my case officer. After a chat with Abi about my situation, she was able to provide initial assessment of my case.

She made recommendations and accompanied me to the office. Throughout my dealings with Abi, she remained professional and followed all relevant protocols. Her professional attitude helped and encouraged me to relax and made me feel confident about the situation. In the end I was successful in my case and can honestly say it was due to Abi’s professional input that helped me to triumph in my case.

Susan Kudom-Boateng

Just like to say a massive thank you to Baljit Moore for all her support and help since ive joined the Union. I have had a few issues in the AA and previous employment and on all occasions she has been brilliant throughout and successful. She is always on call to help at inappropriate times throughout the week and has bent over backwards a few times to make things happen. Always takes time out of her busy schedule to help. Keep up what you’re doing and don’t change anything.


I would like to express my personal appreciation of the IDU representative Baljit Moore. Baljit is professional, diligent and highly committed to her work. Her commitment to her role as IDU representative is outstanding. She is always available to answer and advise on any issues with work. Her compassionate and supportive nature is testament to her popularity amongst her work colleagues. I cannot praise her enough for her on-going support.

Baljit Ark