Name: Krystal Smith BA LLB

Casework Officer



Since joining the IDU and working as a National Casework Officer over the last 5 years has reinforced the necessity to be part of a trade union as it provides reassurance and support not only for our members to have the opportunity to understand the employment processes but allows our members to know there is a supportive ear to listen when things go wrong which from experience is characteristic that our members find most important.

I think the most striking part of my experience is supporting members throughout NMC proceedings as having their fitness to practice called into question is the most stressful period of time for a nurse and again from experience they have found the reliance on the IDU has been of utmost importance as there is little counselling available to them from the explanation of processes to a simple conversation to alleviate stress, being a representative we witness the differences in our members. With regards to the process from a representative’s perspective, preparation of the case is vital as we are able to assist our members in demonstrating the key requirements for a panel including insight, training etc something that we often find registrants do not realise on their own. We are often in a position that we can direct our members to the most appropriate training opportunities to reach the best possible outcome.

With regards to internal proceedings from the experience gained, particularly where there is a regulatory body involved, as representatives we are able to keep in mind the requirements of a regulatory body and write these into our submissions from the start of internal proceedings as this often prevents matters escalating where they otherwise would.

University of Portsmouth – LLB (Hons) in Law and Criminology
College of Law – PgDip – Legal Practice