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Settlement for lower leg amputation

Date: February 15, 2018 by IDU

It’s a sad fact that motorbike and cycle accidents and injuries tend to increase during the summer months. More bikes are dusted off and taken on the road but despite the increased numbers and campaigns urging drivers to ‘think twice – think bike’ cyclists and bikers still seem to be unnoticed by other road users and at risk of injury.


Access Legal Solicitors acted on behalf of a client who was riding his motorbike when a young driver travelling in the opposite direction collided with him. The emergency services responded promptly and thanks to their efforts and those of hospital staff his injuries were not fatal, as they could easily have been, but his future prospects did seem bleak.


He suffered fractures to both wrists, required amputation of his left leg and developed complex psychological injuries involving depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and alcohol dependency.


We were able to obtain an admission of liability straight away and arranged for immediate and substantial interim payments to allow our client to purchase suitable accommodation. This interim funding also paid for the latest prostheses obtained privately through Dorset Orthopaedics (a market leading supplier of advanced prosthetic equipment not usually avialable via the NHS) at an early stage in the claim.


We then obtained expert medical evidence in relation to our client’s physical and psychological injuries and instructed specialist rehabilitation providers and therapists to determine our client’s future needs for prosthetic equipment, care and accommodation


Armed with this information we could value any compensation claim accurately, taking into account immediate expenses and loss of earnings as well as remuneration for our client’s pain and suffering and the need to fund the ongoing support and help he would require.


Following negotiation, and without the need to go to trial, we agreed a settlement which funded the extensive rehabilitation and support we arranged on an ongoing basis to help our client retain his independence and allow him to look forward to a much more optimistic future than he had thought possible.