Reorganisation and Redundancy

We keep saying it – these are uncertain times. We are seeing a lot of change in the NHS, with large-scale mergers becoming increasingly common. Some changes are smaller ones, within existing organisations, but still with far-reaching implications for the individual.

Redundancy is less common in the NHS than in the private sector. Redundancies in the NHS tend to be costly, so employers seek to avoid them wherever possible.

Whilst this may be good news on the one hand, it can be something of a double-edged sword.

NHS employees are more likely to be subject to reorganisation which leads to loss of status and / or pay. This is often no less devastating than redundancy itself. It can lock staff into jobs in which they feel under-utilised and over-qualified. All too often, employers seek to avoid protecting pay in the event of a down-grading, heaping financial hardship on top of the stress of loss of position.

We will push hard to ensure that all processes during reorganisation are fair and equitable. We will look beyond the gloss of modern consultation documents and translate them into plain English and into what this all means for you. We will assess whether a job truly is suitable alternative employment and find the best solution for you as an individual.

We’re not afraid to challenge in your best interests.
Join us – you won’t regret it.