A grievance hearing is a meeting that deals with any grievance issues raised by an employee in relation to their employer, work environment or a colleague. When arranging a grievance hearing the employer should carry out the process as per the Acas Guidlines.

Workers have a statutory right to be accompanied by a companion at a grievance meeting.

The grievance process should be is a positive one, staff should not feel they are being antagonistic if raising a grievance through the proper channels. Done properly, the grievance process will resolve issues whilst preserving relationships.

Sadly, staff often avoid raising a grievance. Things can then escalate forcing staff to raise a grievance at a point where they’ve reached the end of their tether. This can make it harder to sort out.

The IDU will support and assist you through the grievance process, whatever stage your problem is at. We will ensure that the correct stage of the grievance procedure is applied and we will seek the most appropriate and positive outcome for you.

If your managers are not listening, by acting on your behalf, we will ensure that ears are opened and due process is followed in a timely manner.

We’ll make sure your voice is heard.