Workplace Representation

Whatever your issue is at work, our expert advisers will ensure that you and your case receive, attention and support you deserve.

Protecting your job really is our business.

We represent and support people in the workplace – whatever the employer and irrespective of whether that employer recognises trade unions. We act on behalf of members in all employment matters. We talk directly to the employer on behalf of the member where necessary. When a member simply wants our advice, we will talk any employment matter through with them by telephone or in person at a venue convenient for them. So where direct intervention with the employer is not wanted or not appropriate for a particular issue or problem, we can simply act as a ‘sounding board’ for our member and help them to identify a solution.

We support and represent members through the disciplinary process. We are rigorous in our preparation of cases. We have an impressive track record in mounting an effective challenge to potential disciplinary action. Where disciplinary sanctions are unavoidable, we ensure the sanction is fair and proportionate.

We protect members’ jobs and wages by using our expertise in disciplinary processes as referred to above, or by ensuring fairness in reorganisation and grading exercises, for example.

We support and represent members through grievance processes. We seek to secure a positive outcome for our members. At the same time, we ensure that working relationships are preserved throughout this sensitive process. We are also available to give guidance privately to members where a grievance is informal.

We support members through appeals against disciplinary action, or against selection for redundancy.

We negotiate with employers on behalf of our members where employment has come or is about to come to an end, whether that is by mutual agreement or because the member has been or is about to be dismissed or has been made or is about to be made redundant.

We support members through the Employment Tribunals process where formal assessment of the merits of the case confirms it is strong enough against the employer. We do this with a view to securing reinstatement into their job and / or compensation.
The range of issues we deal with is extensive, what we have listed here are just a few examples of the most common problems members bring to us.