Professional Conduct & Registration Issues

This is the single most career-threatening event in the life of any professional.

We’re seeing a marked step-up in cases referred to regulatory bodies. Whilst public protection is always paramount, some referrals we’ve seen have been unnecessary and this has been evidenced by the regulatory bodies’ decision not to take action in these cases. The stress on professionals is enormous, whatever the outcome.

If you are facing a question-mark over your ability to practice as a professional, you need urgent, excellent advice and representation at the earliest internal stages with your employer.

Too often, staff do not get the support they need at this stage. As we always say, prevention is better than cure. Effective advice and representation right from the start can be the difference between a matter being settled internally and keeping your job, or it spiraling out of control and you ending up facing a professional standards committee.

The IDU has solid experience of supporting professional staff through the journey from the point of internal investigation, to professional standards hearings with regulatory bodies, if it gets that far.