Outsourcing and TUPE

Outsourcing of services in the NHS seems to go in and out of fashion. Our experience is that services rarely improve as a result and the much sought after cuts in costs just don’t materialise.

However, it is very difficult to prevent outsourcing or to persuade a Trust to keep services in-house once it has made its mind up. What we can do is make sure your interests are properly served in the event of a transfer – before and after.

This means making sure your rights are enforced – from looking after your pay and grade at the point of transfer to ensuring that any future proposals for change are not in breach of Transfer of Undertakings (TUPE) rules, for example. It also means making sure your employer goes through the pre-TUPE consultation process properly.

It is often the case that NHS staff are transferred to a private sector provider. We have extensive private sector experience. Being a member of the IDU now and post-transfer is very important. We will act for you and ensure your new employer plays by the rules. You are just as entitled to be a union member in a private company as you are in the NHS. You are also afforded the same individual representation rights under UK law, whether your new employer is unionised or not.

We’ll protect your rights.

Join us – you won’t regret it.