Lung Cancer

The link between certain materials like asbestos and lung cancer is well known, but there are other known causes of lung cancer and certain substances you may have been exposed to during your employment. If you develop lung cancer due to an employer’s negligence, you could be entitled to make an industrial disease claim.

According to Cancer Research UK, there were an estimated 44,500 new cases of lung cancer in the UK in 2012 (latest figures). 89% of these cases were considered to be preventable.

A significant proportion of these cases were identified as occupational lung cancer – caused by unnecessary exposure to carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) in the workplace.

Many chemical compounds used in industry are known to potentially cause lung cancer. If an employee is exposed to a carcinogen as the result of an employer’s negligence, and develops lung cancer in later life, it is often possible to demonstrate a link between the two.