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Why Join?

We understand that all too often the crucial benefits of being part of a trade union, such as being represented at a disciplinary hearing or worse – at an employment tribunal, are often the furthest thing from people’s minds. None of us actually expect to be treated badly, by anyone, let alone our employer. Neither do we anticipate our rights being violated, being discriminated against, or facing dismissal and the end of the careers that we have worked so hard for.

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How Much Does it Cost?

We offer a high level of professional service and robust representation to all our members.  But we are aware that cost is just as important and so we are committed to being as price conscious as possible.

  • £12.50 per month for individuals
  • £20.00 per month for a joint membership of 2
  • £32.00 per month for a family membership of 4

Representation Fees

If upon joining you require representation at a professional regulatory hearing, or in a hearing where any professional registration is at risk, then a fee structure will be applied. Your case will be assessed by one of our Caseworkers, and the amount of preparation time will be calculated by taking into account the duration of the hearing. We will fully explain the fee structure to you, and its application to your case – and invoice you before any work is commenced. These fees are payable for any representation that occurs within 90 days of your membership start date,

Joining Fee

If you are joining the IDU and have a live issue that requires our immediate attention, then you will be required to pay a one off upfront fee. Please contact our Head Office on 0844 800 4421 to discuss your situation with one of our staff. These fees are payable for any representation that occurs within 90 days of your membership start date, or for any issue that arises within those 90 days, but requires representation outside of that same 90 days.

Cancellation Period

You are free to cancel your IDU membership at any time. Membership subscriptions are paid in advanced. Where subscriptions are paid monthly, cancellations are effective upon the expiry of the period covered by last payment received. Where subscriptions are paid annual, cancellations are effective upon the expiry of the payment for the month in which the cancellation is made, all subsequent months’ subscription will be refunded on a prorate basis. Refunds will be issued by BAC’s Transfer. 


We provide a 14-day cooling off period during which time you can cancel your IDU membership and receive a full refund of your joining fee (if applicable), providing there has been no casework undertaken by our team on your behalf. Likewise, with any fees payable for casework. Again, in circumstances where casework has been undertaken on your behalf, your refund will be prorated based on the amount of work undertaken.