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Why Join?

We understand that all too often the crucial benefits of being part of a trade union, such as being represented at a disciplinary hearing or worse – at an employment tribunal, are often the furthest thing from people’s minds. None of us actually expect to be treated badly, by anyone, let alone our employer. Neither do we anticipate our rights being violated, being discriminated against, or facing dismissal and the end of the careers that we have worked so hard for.

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How Much Does it Cost?

Our fees range between £5.04 and £19.98 per month depending on your situation. You can pay by Direct Debit or directly via your pay. And you can cancel your membership at any time, with just a month’s notice.

Whatever your circumstances or however you want to get involved, there should be a rate to suit you.

Workers Cost per month £
£0 to £16,000 per year £5.94
£16,001 to £22,000 per year £12.64
£22,001 to £32,000 per year £14.72
£32,001+ per year £19.98
Unemployed £5.04
Retirees £5.04


You can pay simply by direct debit, or if we’re recognised by your employer then you can ask for your membership contribution to be deducted straight from your pay.