Poor health is frightening at the best of times, whether that is illness which causes a long spell of absence from work or an underlying problem causing regular short-term absence. Put the risk of losing your livelihood into the mix and the pressure can become immense.

This may be you right now or it could be you in the future.

There is a raft of employment legislation in the UK, most notably the Equality Act 2010 (EqA), supported by a whole body of case law, to safeguard the interests of staff who are sick or who perhaps may be regarded as disabled under the EqA.

Sometimes, more often than we’d like, employers disregard this and act in contravention of UK law. Sometimes, more often than we’d like, employers also fail to pay heed to their own policies and procedures.

The net result on you if you’re ill is that you may suffer consequences for your employment which are wholly avoidable.

The IDU offers expert advice, support and representation in cases of ill-health.

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