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Halfords Branch update – Covid-19

Date: March 27, 2020 by idu-net

The IDU forwarded on Monday  a list of Halfords workers members concerns to the Head of People’s team, outlining their concern i.e. lack of cleaning equipment, no clear plan on social distancing in front of house and MOT testers being asked to carry MOT’s – against government guidelines.


We are advising Halfords staff to ensure that any instruction given by the company is in line with government recommendations and policy. Any request from the business that goes against government guidelines should be outlined in writing detailing exactly why and how they are able to go against these guidelines.


The IDU is committed to ensuring that employee safety is at the foremost of business at this time and any actions or directives given are in line with government guidelines. We will robustly defend any members disciplined, dismissed or being disadvantaged by unscrupulous employers.


If you have colleagues, family and friends who are not in the union, we recommend that they join us, so that they also have the protection of IDU membership as this situation develops.