Grading Issues

Issues and disputes about the grading of posts has been a part of NHS culture for some time now. No sooner have we cleared the Agenda for Change (AfC) hurdles than we are now into seeing posts under review due to reorganisation and cost control exercises. Some NHS Trusts are looking to move away from AfC, which leads to uncertainty for staff about their grade and what they will earn.

Some of this is legitimate. But at least as much again is not – a lot of which appears to be going unchallenged.

It is important that staff ensure they are treated fairly and in accordance with their contracts, local policies, national agreements and any other terms and conditions of employment whenever the grading of their post is under review – whatever the circumstances which led to that review. Crucially, staff need to ensure that pay protection policies are appropriately applied.

The IDU is committed to ensuring its members are treated fairly during grading or related exercises.

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