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Community Member Support Group

Date: May 01, 2020 by idu-net

We would like to  share an information on the specific support that Community, of which IDU is now a part of,  is putting in place to help all our members get through the Coronavirus crisis. No matter where you work, or if you’re one of our retired or non-working members, Community is in your corner.


We are living in unprecedented times with much uncertainty ahead of us. We know this is an extremely worrying time for families and communities. But as your trade union we are stepping up to do all we can to support our members and their loved ones.


We have set up a Community Member Support Group to support our most vulnerable members who may be self-isolating and don’t have much help around, if you need help yourself, email   or you can call our support line on 07540756318.  If you have a workplace issue, please contact the IDU head office on 0844 800 4421 or e-mail


We’re also looking for volunteers to help give a small amount of time to help support fellow Community Members, if you are interested in helping please email   for more information. You can also sign up to be a volunteer at Community’s Website:


More information can be found on Community Coronavirus hub