Children & Vulnerable Adults

We understand how important it is to act on behalf of vulnerable clients and realise the enormous responsibility we take on board looking after their best interests.

We’re also aware of how stressful a time it can be for the entire family facing the fact that someone must intervene to ensure their loved ones of any age are respected and protected. You need reassurance that whoever is looking out for that vulnerable person is giving them help in order to fulfil their potential or maintain their well-being. Someone you can have faith in and completely depend upon to fulfil their obligations.

We have years of experience in not only the legal, but also the many different practical and emotional aspects of dealing with the affairs of those who are vulnerable, whether that’s a consequence of accident, medical negligence, congenital conditions or the illnesses that accompany old age.

When you need us, we will be there to help guide you through the issues you and your loved ones face, providing advice and signposting practical help alongside technical legal assistance. We’ll work to achieve the best possible outcome for the vulnerable person and minimise the personal stress you and your family must endure by giving you a seamless, empathetic and thoroughly professional service delivered with understanding and sensitivity.