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Returning to work after furlough

Date: June 08, 2020 by idu-net

We know that returning to work after furlough can be a stressful time and you will have many concerns and questions about how to keep yourself safe and how coronavirus may have affected your job.   The most important thing is staying as safe as possible and you should not fear raising health and safety issues at …

Community Member Support Group

Date: May 01, 2020 by idu-net

We would like to  share an information on the specific support that Community, of which IDU is now a part of,  is putting in place to help all our members get through the Coronavirus crisis. No matter where you work, or if you’re one of our retired or non-working members, Community is in your corner. …

Shoosmiths Support for individuals and families during Covid-19

Date: May 01, 2020 by idu-net

      Please click on the link below to open a COVID-19 PAD brochure that the firm has produced relating to legal questions that they have been asked in the last few weeks. Support for individuals families during COVID19 v1 0


Date: April 09, 2020 by idu-net

– UPDATED 28 APRIL 2020 –   This is advice is intended to provide you with clarity and to help you make the best decisions about what you do during the “lockdown”. See here for the government’s strict measures:   This is not an alternative to specific advice. If you are unclear about anything, …

Halfords Branch update – Covid-19

Date: March 27, 2020 by idu-net

The IDU forwarded on Monday  a list of Halfords workers members concerns to the Head of People’s team, outlining their concern i.e. lack of cleaning equipment, no clear plan on social distancing in front of house and MOT testers being asked to carry MOT’s – against government guidelines.   We are advising Halfords staff to …