Name: Tracy Salisbury

National Officer



Tracy joined the IDU as a Casework Officer in March 2009. Prior to this she worked as a volunteer for the IDU, on behalf of her colleagues at the Saga offices in Folkestone, Kent – where she was employed for some time. She continues to work in and around the Kent area, but now represents individuals across many employers, and also covers a wider area of the country taking cases across the South East, London and areas around the M25.

Tracy has significant experience in representing staff working within a broad range of employers. As such she is has a varied insight into the various sections of our membership, and has an acute understanding of the issues faced by IDU members – no matter who they are employed by. Tracy’s extensive experience include, but are not limited to disciplinaries, grievances, absence, contract changes, TUPE transfers and redundancies.

Tracy has a specific interest, and as such has developed her expertise around NHS and Care sector staff, especially those with a registration to protect, and has established a solid track record in successfully representing members in these sectors. In addition, she also has experience in dealing with ACAS for compulsory conciliation and has helped get many cases settled without the need for going to tribunal.