Name: Steve Millman

Field Officers



Steve joined the AA in December 1989, in the routes processing department in Bristol. With a previous interest in trade unionism behind him, he soon became union representative for his department. Quickly involved in National negotiations within the Commercial Services division of the AA, he then was elected as a delegate on the National Executive Committee. In 1998 Steve applied for a full-time union position as a Field Officer, and has held this position since.

Since that time, Steve has been a constant in the life of the union within the AA, through the changes that led to the formation of the AADU, and onwards to the IDU. During this time Steve has taken responsibility for supporting and training local reps and at various times has looked after Call handling, Head office functions and the West & Wales group of patrols. In 2013 Steve was elected to the position of trustee director of the AA pension scheme, and has helped guide the IDU responses to the momentous pension changes of the last few years.

There are many individuals within the AA who have benefited from Steve’s knowledge and support over the years, and he will continue to work on behalf of our members in his own quiet way.