Name: Alistair Maclean

General Secretary



Alistair leads the IDU – as General Secretary. He has more than 30 years’ experience of representing members as a workplace representative / full time official in a wide range of organisations, notably large public and private sector companies. Although Alistair’s primary role is the leadership of the union, he remains hands-on. Due to the breadth of his experience, Alistair handles cases and advises members right across the board at all levels of seniority in all organisations where there are IDU members. Alistair also leads national negotiations with the AA on behalf of staff within that company.

Alistair spent many years working for the NHS in Plymouth before becoming a full-time Trade Union Official. He has in-depth knowledge of the NHS and the terms under which staff are employed. Alistair leads the NHS section of the IDU and personally acts on behalf of NHS members, concentrating mainly on the most serious and complex issues, including fitness-to-practise cases referred to the NMC and other regulatory bodies, as well as cases referred to the Employment Tribunals.