Reorganisation and Redundancy

We keep saying it – these are uncertain times.

In the AA, the business routinely reviews structures in order to ensure it remains competitive. For any member involved in a reorganisation, it is a worrying time.

If you are affected by changes, we always ensure that the process is fair and transparent and that job losses are avoided if at all possible and if not, minimised.

If there is no alternative to redundancy, the package you will receive is one of the best out there – the IDU worked hard to negotiate this as a term and condition of your employment. This minimises one of the unpleasant effects of job loss by giving the person leaving a better cushion to fall back on until they get back into work.

If you are affected by reorganisation or you think that you may be soon, please contact us – see The IDU Team for contact details.

Assistance is provided to all AA staff that are IDU members. If you’re not a member – Join Here