Road Side Services

If you asked the public what image comes to mind when you say ‘the AA’, without doubt, nearly everyone will say it is that of an AA Patrol

You are the public face of the AA – whether you are Road Side Service (RSS), Recovery, Battery Assist, Key Assist, Motorcycle or Jaguar LandRover (JLR), you are there to provide front-line, first class service and support. You are a walking advert for the AA.

However, this is an occupation involving a variety of skills that may surprise a lot of people outside of the company, for you are much more than mechanics. Your role requires excellent people skills, as well as the ability to sell – you have sales targets just like many other roles in the AA. Stringent health and safety requirements mean that you also have to know and follow a raft of detailed policies and procedures.

The job is demanding in itself. Add to that the fact that you are out in all weathers, in all traffic conditions, most often on your own, and it is not hard to see that your job is pressured.

We are the gold standard in terms of union support for AA Patrols. There is no one out there to match our knowledge and experience of your job and environment. There is no one out there better placed than the IDU to give you top-notch representation and support, across the whole range of employment matters, whether that is in the face of individual issues such as disciplinary or grievance cases, or collective issues such as pay and conditions and in times of reorganisation.

With over 85% of RSS Patrols belonging to the IDU, it makes sense to belong to the union that can take your voice to the right people at the top of the organisation.

Assistance is provided to all AA staff that are IDU members. If you’re not a member – Join Here