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Why Join?

We understand that all too often the crucial benefits of being part of a trade union, such as being represented at a disciplinary hearing or worse – at an employment tribunal, are often the furthest thing from people’s minds. None of us actually expect to be treated badly, by anyone, let alone our employer. Neither do we anticipate our rights being violated, being discriminated against, or facing dismissal and the end of the careers that we have worked so hard for.

The perceived decline of collectivism has brought with it an apathy that lulls the working population in to thinking they don’t need to be part of something bigger, or worse, that even if they were – it wouldn’t make any difference when it counts. This is one of the biggest lies told to working people in the 20th/21st century, the acceptance of which underpins the slow but steady erosion of the protective structures in place around working people.

Because of this perspective, we see volumes of people joining us when their careers are in jeopardy, and their homes and finances are at risk. One thing they all have in common is that none of them saw it coming. None of them thought they would ever go through what they were going through when they asked for our help.

Unlike other organisations in our field, we do accept individuals with issues and cases when they join. We have a fee structure in place to cover the costs of this work – costs that individuals would not incur had they had been members in good standing at the time they needed to call on our services. We’ve learned that the prospect of possibly needing us “one day”, doesn’t always translate into immediate action.

Much like the resentment that accompanies paying home or motor insurance year in and year out, the singular event occurring that you need to claim for – puts the ongoing cost of cover into perspective, and resentment turns to relief. Likewise, the ongoing cost of being a part of our organisation is put into perspective when your career is on the line.

At the IDU we give you our guarantee that when the time comes – and you do need us, you will receive the highest quality representation available. Until then, we have a comprehensive membership package to make your day to day life easier. IDU Benefits is a package exclusively available to our members and provides brand name discounts for your day to day life. Taking advantage of the exclusive offers and discounts available through IDU Benefits can render your membership cost neutral – eliminating that underlying resentment; and so, when the unexpected occurs – you will be relieved.

How Much Does it Cost?

Our fees range between £5.04 and £19.98 per month depending on your situation. You can pay by Direct Debit or directly via your pay. And you can cancel your membership at any time, with just a month’s notice.

Whatever your circumstances or however you want to get involved, there should be a rate to suit you.

AA Workers Cost per month £
AA Parttime 25 hours or less £5.00
AA Fulltime over 25 hours £8.50


You can pay simply by direct debit, or if we’re recognised by your employer then you can ask for your membership contribution to be deducted straight from your pay.

Joining Fee

If you are joining the IDU and have a live issue that requires our immediate attention, then you will be required to pay a one off upfront fee. Please contact our Head Office on 0844 800 4421 to discuss your situation with one of our staff. These fees are payable for any representation that occurs within 90 days of your membership start date, or for any issue that arises within those 90 days, but requires representation outside of that same 90 days.