Head Office

Head Office, or ‘Fanum House’ is home to all those functions that are essential to the running of any large organisation. Some functions operating out of Fanum are subsidiary front-line, such as Hotel Services, to give just one example.

But whether you work within Marketing, Finance, Hotel Services, Systems, Compliance, Payroll, or Human Resources (yes – even you!) to name but a few, you need to be a member of the IDU.


Because problems at work, whether it is a disciplinary, grievance or performance issue, can happen to anyone. Even professional people need representation at times like this – you may know the processes and have a very handy skills-set if you get into difficulty, but any professional person who has faced this kind of thing will tell you it is a different ball game when it’s you. Your usual self-assurance in these circumstances will desert you. What’s more, any function can be the focus of reorganisation, whether it is HR, Finance or any of the others.

At times like these, you need first-class representation and support. The IDU delivers this. We will support and represent you extremely effectively. We will ensure a constructive outcome in your best interests.

Any of you working at Head Office can join, just like anyone else.

Assistance is provided to all AA staff that are IDU members. If you’re not a member – Join Here