As the recognised trade union, the IDU handles the annual pay negotiations between the AA and it’s staff each and every year. Since the recession began in 2007, the IDU have successfully secured an overall increase to salaries of 15% during a period in economic history where there has been a public sector pay freeze for over a decade, and many private sector firms have chosen to do the same.

Each year we enter into negotiations with the AA’s upper management structure, the culmination of this process sees us bringing the offer on the table, to our members – for their consideration. We hold a national ballot, the outcome of which determines whether we accept the offer on our members behalf, or return to the table for further discussion. Over the years we have carried out this process via postal ballot, and in our efforts to reduce cost, our impact on the environment, and also embrace technology and its benefits – we carried out our first electronic ballot in 2016.

As with our work on pension, our work on pay is something that all AA staff – members and non-members alike benefit from. However, the fact that all benefit from our work here – is not a rationale for not being an IDU member. Being a member of the IDU gives you a platform to have your individual voice heard, and to be part of a collective voice. It gives you the opportunity to have your say on the pending pay rise (and other collective issues). There is much to be said for being a member in simple acknowledgement of the fact that you benefit from so much we do for AA staff as a whole, but more than that It also ensures you will be represented as an individual if you ever need it – with disciplinary, grievance, or capability hearings.

If you’re not a member – Join Here to have your vote on pay!

If you are already a member, then please make sure we have your current email address and mobile phone number. You can do this by contacting our head office on or calling us on 0844 800 4429