Contact Centres

The job of the Customer Advisor has developed massively. Along with many jobs in the AA, what started many years ago as a job that was predominantly about service has evolved to take in other key elements, perhaps most notably, sales. This puts an altogether different spin on the work you do. Without doubt, it has become more pressurised.

Customer Advisors are at the heart of the AA’s business. Whether you work at one of the AA’s four Contact Centres or you work from home as a teleworker, you interact with new and existing AA customers by phone, email and the internet. The ever-expanding nature of the business means your role could involve dealing with a number of different aspects such as emergency breakdowns, selling AA membership, Home Emergency Response services, Autowindshields, bookings and sales for AA driving school, or selling and servicing AA insurance products. All of these roles hold their own particular challenges.

What are common to all contact centre roles are targets, performance measures and a management focus on absence from work.

All of these things – whilst part of regular business practice – can put a harsh spotlight on every individual. People in your roles must ensure they stay on top of their game, or they find themselves in trouble at work. Add to this the fact that the more pressured the job the more likely a mistake can be made, it makes sense to ensure you have the security provided by a strong, constructive, trade union. This is where the IDU comes in – this is why you should be a member.

The IDU is the union best placed to support you through it and see that your interests are properly served.
Assistance is provided to all AA staff that are IDU members. If you’re not a member – Join Here