Injuries Due to Faulty or Defective Machinery

Faulty or defective machinery at work can be frustrating but can also be life threatening and the cause of a serious accident. If you can show you have been injured due to faulty machinery or defective work equipment you should contact our lawyers for specialist legal help and advice about making an accident claim.

You have a right to expect that the equipment provided at work will be safe and suitable for the task and that you will be given adequate instruction on how to use it. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) places just such a legal duty on all employers.

PUWER applies to companies who own, operate or have control over work equipment, but those obligations still apply to equipment which is hired or if an employee is allowed to provide their own equipment.

Mor0e about injuries due to faulty/defective machinery

When injuries due to faulty or defective equipment happen at work and employees are protected by a number of regulations which are aimed at promoting occupational health and safety.
The courts have a wide interpretation of the meaning of ‘work equipment’. Aside from the obvious things such as presses, drills and lathes, coffee machines, lifts, doors, vehicles, ladders and knives have all been held to be ‘work equipment’.

A machinery injury at work can have many causes. Crush type injuries can be a result of a missing or inadequate safety guards. Serious injuries such as industrial deafness of loss of vision can result from inadequate ear or eye protection. A lack of proper training in how to use work machinery can lead to injury or the equipment itself may simply be unsuitable for the job or poorly maintained.

Suffering any injury due to faulty or defective machinery can have serious personal and financial consequences. Pursuing a claim will not only ensure adequate pay-out for the injury, but will also allow access to the best rehabilitation and treatment providers to aid recovery.