Accidents and Injury at Work

However, you were injured at work, our expert solicitors can help you make an accident at work claim to get the rehabilitation, care and support you deserve.
Accidents at work can not only result from immediate and obvious dangers like a slip, trip or fall but can also be a consequence of inadequate training, a lack of the proper safety equipment or faulty and dangerous machinery.
Accidents that occur in the workplace can lead to a variety of injuries and in some cases, very serious life changing injuries that can have a devastating impact on you, your family and your finances for the rest of your life.

Accidents at work FAQs

If the accident is partly your fault, it is still possible to make a claim against your employer.
No. Your employer’s insurance covers the negligence of work colleagues.
It is extremely unlikely. An employer must provide justification for terminating an individual’s employment. We have a dedicated team of specialist employment advisors who will be able to advise you on this in the unlikely event this did occur.
It is possible that the employer may have been taken over by another company. If it is no longer trading then we will use our extensive experience to try and trace the employers insurer at the time when you were employed and exposed to the cancer causing agent. As long as we can identify the relevant insurer a claim can still be made.